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The main reason I decided DIY was in the cards for me, was from struggling to find an all day vape … however, that was not the sole reason either … the other important reason being pending Government regulations.

There is No Bloody Way I am buying eLiquid from BT and the Government.

You ever have a gut feeling about something that ends up coming true? That’s how I feel about Big Tobacco, eCigarettes and the greed in Government Taxes … something is telling me Big Government is going to hand the distribution of nicotine over to BT.

I foresee that obtaining nicotine eLiquid might be like trying to buy Black Market Gasoline. Now that all the usual suspects (tobacco companies) are working on their own eCig strategy … I see the vaping market turning into a BT cartridge only option.

Since I  quit smoking two months ago with eCigs … I have been learning a lot about vaping and electronic cigarettes … DIY is something I have spent the most time with.

WZbkgdIt is not like I have a paranoid personality … I just don’t like the scenario I envision playing out … Big Tobacco and Government Taxes are losing a fortune to the private eLiquid market with people quitting smoking and turning to vaping.

I expect BT and BG to make a move to gain it back and dominate the nicotine market. I see them applying Tax on vaping to be on par with cigarette Tax.

I just want to be as prepared as I possibly can … if and when this happens.

The samples of WillyZ Juice are 50/50 PG/VG and are 6mg nicotine

for a 5ml sample of  WillyZ Juice All American Pie … send an email to info (at) WillyZjuice.com

All eLiquid, even juice that does not contain nicotine should only be used by adults over the age of 18 … eLiquid should always be stored safely away from the reach of children and pets … and please vape respectfully to others around you.


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