Wow … I quit smoking

September 22, 2013 // I Quit Smoking, WillyZ Juice

This Vape journey started in August 2013 …

When my Mother was visiting from Florida, I had asked her to bring me an electronic cigarette because I wanted to see if I could use them to quit a 30 year smoking habit.

I looked online, and figured  a Blu kit was a suitable choice because she could mail me cartridges when I ran out, plus they were available at every gas station in the state.

Well, who knew? … the Blu kit was kinda working … I cut my smoking in half within the first week … however, before she was barely back home in Florida … I was running out of cartridges. The cartridges she had brought me were insanely expensive ($15 per box of 5). I called her and she ordered me 4 boxes from the Blu website at $10 per box.

While I was waiting for the new cartridges, I was trying to conserve them … however, I struggled, ran out of cartridges and my smoking increased back to where it was.

Even at $10 per box, I quickly realized this Blu kit was a major money pit and I had to do something about it fast if I wanted eCigs to help me quit smoking for good.

I looked online and found a local guy named Sassy Joe’s … he was at the flea market, so off I went. When I met Sassy Joe, I didn’t even know what I wanted and noticed he had this device sticking out of his shirt pocket that he was vaping on. I asked him if he started with that, or did he work up to it? He said he started with cheaper units and then gradually moved up to the eVic … OK then, wrap one up for me … and throw in some Marlboro24, Tobacco18 and a bottle of that Watermelon.

When I got home, I loaded up the Tobacco18 and vaped it for two hours straight. Sweet, this eVic totally kicked the Blu kit’s ass. After two hours of chain vaping the Tobacco18, I loaded up the Watermelon and quickly knew … Tobacco was not for me.

That Marlboro24 eLiquid?, I never even tried it! … Wow … I just quit smoking. 🙂




  1. Awesome job!

    My first kit was at the flea market; a 3 piece cigalike kit and 10ml of juice for $30. It was a Christmas special. I took it with me on our family’s first visit to Manhattan during the holiday break two years ago.

    Fast forward to now. With my holiday cash, I just purchased an Innokin SVD, batteries, charger and a famous maker atty/tank clone.

    I look forward to see what the future of vaping holds for us and will stay tuned to your blog.


    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your start to vaping … enjoy that new Innokin SVD when your vape mail arrives.

      I also look forward to seeing where vaping will end up. A lot of people have quit cigarettes with vaping.

      Vape for the win 🙂

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